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electric chainsaw reviews
Looking to find your best electric chainsaw in the UK? The best chainsaw is the one that satisfies your specific needs. Therefore, read carefully through our electric chainsaw reviews and choose the one that fits you best.

Corded Electric Chainsaws vs Cordless Electric Chainsaws
There a two different types of electric chainsaws: corded chainsaws and cordless ones (also known as battery-powered chainsaws).

The corded electric chainsaws have power cords that you must plug into an outlet in order to use them. The disadvantage is quite clear: the movement is restricted to the distance allowed by the power cord. You can, however, buy an extension cord that would increase your mobility. But, at the same time, this can sometimes increase the difficulty of operating the chainsaw, especially in heavily shrubbed or wooded areas, as the cord may become tangled.

Battery-powered chainsaws, as the name implies, run on batteries that can be recharged once they run out of power. The major advantage of owning a cordless electric chainsaw is the mobility it offers, as you can carry it around pretty much anywhere. On the other hand, they only run for as long as the batteries allow them so you might find yourself in the need to recharge the battery in the middle of a task.

Easy to operate
Compared to its petrol counterpart which is mostly used for heavy-duty jobs, an electric chainsaw it’s a lot easier to use.
It is far from being as loud as a petrol chainsaw, which makes it an ideal tool for domestic use.

The best part of having an electric chainsaw is the ease of using it. It starts at a simple press of a button and you can embark into any light-duty to medium-duty jobs.
The electric chainsaws are usually quite lightweight, therefore they can be handled by pretty much anyone that knows how to use them in a safe manner.

Which one is cheaper to run?
It is a lot cheaper to run and maintain an electric chainsaw compared to a petrol one. And not even talking about the fuel, the spare parts are usually cheaper as well. That’s due to the fact that petrol chainsaws are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment on the market, therefore their spare parts tend to cost more.

Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews

In these chainsaw reviews we take a look at some of the top, best-rated electric chainsaws that are currently available to buy in the UK. So here’s the list of what we consider the best value electric chainsaws currently available to buy online:

Best Value Electric Chainsaw: Ryobi RCS2340

This Ryobi chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 2300 W motor that generates a chain speed of 14 m/s. It is one of the fastest and most powerful electric chainsaws that I ever had to chance to come across. Contrary to popular belief, this electric chainsaw can easily compete with a few petrol chainsaws available out there in terms of performance.

It features an anti-vibration system that minimises vibrations, allowing you to work more efficiently. It weighs around 5,1 kilograms and it comes equipped with a reasonably long 8 metres cord.

The 40 cm blade is long enough to offer you the much-needed coverage when cutting through large pieces of wood. It comes equipped with a high-quality Oregon bar and chain, which means the steel claws hold firmly onto the piece of wood you are cutting.

Slicing through logs, branches and other material can lead to a lot of mess but this electric chainsaw’s innovative debris deflector directs wood chips on the sides of the user. That makes the whole experience far more enjoyable and simplifies the cleaning process.

In terms of safety, it features a safety trigger, safety guard and handguard. Unlike the petrol chainsaws, the chain stops instantly if you let the clutch go. The handguard has a shut off as well, so if it kicks back and you slightly knock the handguard, the chain shuts off.

You don’t need any tools to assemble it. The whole process is fairly easy, just make sure that you check that the chain is oriented in the right cutting direction. You do get an instruction manual where you can find all the information you need for that.

Overall, best value for money. I consider this one of the best electric chainsaws that you can currently buy online in the UK, thanks to its ease of use and cutting performance.
Plus, you get 2 years warranty for that extra peace of mind, in case anything goes wrong with it.

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Best Cheap Electric Chainsaw: BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw Review

With a cutting width of up to 35cm, the BLACK+DECKER corded chainsaw is ideal for both, small or large cutting tasks around the garden. It is powered by a 1800W high-torque motor with a 12.5m/s chain speed.It also has a low kick back chain, that cuts fast through wet and dry timber.

It has an integrated auto oil system that lubricates the chain, which ensures reduced wear and good cutting performance.
Also, for added safety, the power automatically cuts out within 0.15 seconds if the chainsaw kicks back. In addition to that, there’s a handguard in place to protect your hand from slippage or touching the chain during usage.

Other features include an anti-vibration system, easy fill oil system with a large tank and viewing window and hard steel spiked bumper for controlled cutting.

This is a great option as the best budget electric chainsaw. It might not be as powerful or performant as other, more expensive pieces of equipment, but it’s surely a useful kit to have around the house. It’s not the cheapest electrical chainsaw that you can find but there are other, more important factors that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with dangerous tools like chainsaws.

The assembly process is quite straightforward, you need a spanner and a screwdriver which are both supplied by the manufacturer. The whole process is explained in detail in the instructions manual.

The blade comes with a cover for safe storage.

Overall, a good piece of kit that does the job just fine. Our top pick as the best cheap electric chainsaw. However, please bear in mind that you need to purchase chainsaw oil, they don’t provide any at all.

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Best Makita Electric Chainsaw: Makita UC4041A/2

Makita is known for producing extraordinary products and this specific Makita electric chainsaw is no exception. Domestic and professionals alike love these chainsaws for their performance and safety features.

This model is an improved version of the UC4020A and it is equipped with an 1800 W motor and a 40cm chain bar.

It features an adjustable automatic chain oil pump that ensures your chain runs smoothly. Equipped with a high-quality chain, the spike grips the wood firmly to ensure heightened control.

It has a soft grip design that offers a comfortable user experience and keeps the vibration issues to minimal.

This Makita electric chainsaw has an oil fill level window. Other features include ergonomic soft-grip, flat motor housing end, double Insulation and a kickback brake.

Its 10m cable doesn’t get in the way at all because of the clip that holds it securely to the saw, even when unplugged.

You also receive a chain cover, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a cover for your chainsaw. It protects not just the chain while being stored but also the ones around it that might get hurt by its sharp spike claws.

With a 2-year warranty policy in place, you can rest assured should anything happen to it.

Reasonably priced for a Makita electric chainsaw and a popular choice amongst other customers.
Yet again, it doesn’t come with any chainsaw oil, you’ll have to buy some.

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Best Cordless Chainsaw: McCulloch Li 40CS – 40V Battery Powered Chainsaw

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The new McCulloch lithium ion cordless range uses a fully interchangeable 40V lithium ion battery system which will fit all McCulloch Power Li-NK cordless machines.

The cordless chainsaws are a great alternative to the typical electric chainsaws if mobility is important to you. They are not as powerful but they are ideal for cutting logs and trimming and pruning large shrubs and small trees.

This McCulloch battery-powered chainsaw has a 35cm bar and chain driven by a brushless 40V motor. Brushless motors are more efficient and longer-lasting than brushed motors. At maximum power, the chain reaches an impressive speed of 18m/s.

The automatic pump keeps the chain well oiled during use. It features a quick stop chain brake and a rapid reaction kick-back brake.

Compared to the cordless version of Makita, for example, you get a battery and battery charger included in the sale price, which makes it one of the best value cordless chainsaws available.

It’s a powerful piece of kit that you can use anywhere. A small chainsaw which is quick, lightweight and easy to use. Take a look at the following test:

Currently one of the top cordless electric chainsaw that money can buy. One big disadvantage of the cordless electric chainsaw is the running time. You usually get anywhere between 40 minutes to 1-hour of continuous usage out of a battery. For longer tasks, unless you have a spare battery around, you’ll have to take a few breaks while the battery fully recharges.

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Bottom line

Hope you’ll find these electric chainsaw reviews useful. It’s up to you to decide if you need a corded or a battery-powered chainsaw. Either way, they are an extremely useful piece of kit for any homeowner. Safety always comes first so go through the instructions manual carefully or seek professional training. Also, never embark on a task without using adequate equipment.

Is there any other model that you’d like us to include in this list? Please let us know in the comments box below.
Happy chainsawing and stay safe!


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