Best Mini Circular Saw Reviews: Top 4 in the UK in 2023

Not long ago, we chose our winner as the best circular saw in the UK. Now, it’s time to talk about its little brother, suggestively called – mini circular saw.

What’s the difference between a Circular Saw and Mini Circular Saw?

As the name suggests, the mini circular saw is a smaller version of a typical, full-size circular saw. They are lightweight and easy to handle. You can get your small jobs done by using it for paneling, molding, cabinetry any light furniture or flooring material.

mini circular saw reviews

At the same time, for all these, you can still use a circular saw and stop complicating your life. But for once in our lifetime, we can all agree that size doesn’t matter. As we said, there are different projects and it’s all about your convenience. We recommend you to not get stuck into huge blades and heavier pieces of equipment when you just need to cut a piece of wood furniture. In terms of ease and safe handling, they are great.

Unfortunately, size does matter. So if you consider yourself a DIY expert and don’t feel intimidated by its bigger brother, take a look at our circular saw reviews. In terms of price, there isn’t a massive difference between these two but you get more value for your money as you can use a standard circular saw for a lot more jobs. 

However, let’s not take away its merit. Without a quality finish blade and an expert hand, a full-size circular saw tend to produce tearout when cutting thin pieces of trim or any other thin finish material. Therefore, depending on your needs, you might find out that you do need a mini circular saw after all.

So, what is the best Mini Circular Saw?

The difference between these two is quite straightforward. Therefore, enough talk! Let’s dive into what we consider the best mini circular saws that you can buy online in the UK. Whether you need one to cut wood, tiles, ceramics, plastic or any other material, read our mini circular saw reviews and decide which one fits you best. At the end of the reviews, we will recap our picks in terms of best quality, best value and best small and cheap circular saw version.

Our Pick as the Best Mini Circular Saw in the UK – WORX WX427 XL Review

best mini circular saw uk

With a cutting depth of up to 45 mm, this Worx mini circular saw is one of the most versatile pieces of kit currently available on the market. At the same time, it is also the most expensive tool of our list. So, if you’re on a budget, you might want to skip this one and take a look at the other mini circular saw reviews.

Just like the rest of the mini circular saws, this specific model is single-handed. It also benefits of an ergonomic design for an increased comfort and control.

The powerful 710 Watts motor can easily cut through wood, tile, stone, brick, plasterboards and many others.

You can easily adjust the height of the cutting depth and lock the required one into position.

It comes equipped with a battery-powered laser which projects a light along the line you wish to follow on a cut. That makes the cut far more accurate and easier.

With your purchase, you get 3 different blades:

  • one HSS general purpose blade
  • one diamond tipped blade for tiles, ceramics and brickwork
  • one TCT blade for wood cutting

This Worx WX427 mini circular saw features a blade lock so you can safely change the blades when needed.

Its bevel lever allows you to change your cutting angle up to 45 degrees. Therefore, this can be considered a mini plunge circular saw, as it’s a great alternative for light plunge cuts.

You get a hard plastic carry case for it, a parallel guide, a vacuum adaptor and a hex key.

It also comes with a 2 years warranty for that extra piece of mind. Plus, the warranty can be extended to 3 years if you register your tool on the manufacturer’s website within 30 days of your purchase.

Take a look at this video below, there are a few examples of what you can use this mini circular saw for. As you can see, it is quite a practical DIY tool.

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Good value for money: Tacklife CSK77AC Mini Circular Saw Review

best mini circular saw uk


Some of us use a mini circular saw only for cutting wood while others for metal, aluminium, or other materials. It is important to highlight that this specific model comes with 6 different blades, although it is considerably cheaper.

The 6 blades are:

  • Two TCT blades of 24 teeth: 89mm x 10mm x 24T used for wood and plastic cutting
  • Two HSS blades of 44 teeth: 89mm x 10mm x 44T usually used against solid wood
  • Two 60 grit diamond blades: 89mm x 10mm x 60m for metal, tiles, ceramic and brick cutting

The max depth is 28.5 mm, a lot smaller compared to its Worx counterpart. Yet again, the laser is accurate and a friend in need and the depth control is easy to adjust.

The motor of this mini circular saw generates 705 watts. With your purchase, you also receive a vacuum hose, an Allen wrench for blade change and a Parallel Guide.

Plus, there is a 24 months warranty policy in place. Good value for money.

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Best Cheap Mini Circular Saw: Einhell TC-CS 860 Review


small mini circular saw

This Einhell TC-CS 860 has a special steady aluminium soleplate, which offers good sliding properties for a firm, constant sawing. Yet again, it contains an integrated laser which comes as a support for an accurate execution of straight cuts. This tool also features an overload cut-out.

Compared to the Worx and Tacklife, this Einhell is a small mini circular saw which makes it more pleasant and secure to hold. Therefore, it is operated by a less powerful engine, generating only 450 Watts.

Weighting around 1.9 kilograms, it is extremely lightweight. It features a maximum cutting depth of 23 mm.

Moreover, it contains a vacuum extractor which enables low-dust operation.

With your purchase, you get 6 different blades just like the Tacklife model:

  • two HM blades with 20 teeth for wood materials and plastic
  • two diamond tipped blade usually used for tile cutting
  • two HM blades with 80 teeth for solid wood

Due to its size and power, you don’t get any blades for metal or aluminium as it is not intended to be used on such materials.

We like the fact that this mini circular hand-held saw comes in a smart compact kit. The tool bag is included in the delivery.

Plus, plunge cuts are also possible thanks to its adjustable cutting depth. You also get 12 months warranty on it.

Overall, this Einhell TC-CS 860 is part of our mini circular saw reviews top thanks to its easy handling and flexibility. It is small and lightweight but has a limited usage range compared to the other, more powerful mini circular saws featured on our list.

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Dremel DSM20-3/4 Compact Saw Review

mini circular saw reviews uk

What’s different about this Dremel mini circular saw is the fact it uses abrasive cutting technology. That means that the wheels are abrasive and not tooth bladed wheels like the rest.

However, being powered by a powerful 710 Watts motor and generating an impressive 17 000 RPM rotation speed, rest assured that most of the cuts are accomplished with ease.

This tool has been manufactured to be used on materials like wood, plastic, metal, drywall, fibreboard and tiles. If you have a diamond blade around, you can give it a try against glass as well. However, the package doesn’t include one.

The kit includes 1 x DSM500 Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel, 3 x DSM510 Metal and Plastic Cutting Wheels, one Dust extraction, 1 x Straight Edge Guide, 1x 2×4 cutting guide, 1x welcome DVD and last, but not least, a spacious storage case.

As you can see, it comes with three attachments that will help you explore the variety of cutting of this the Dremel DSM20.

I have to say though, I didn’t find the abrasive cutting technology of much help against thick wood. The saw can overheat sometimes because of the extra effort, therefore I still remain loyal to the sharp, toothed blades.

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Best Quality Mini Circular Saw

Thanks to its versatility and power, we choose the Worx circular saw as our best pick. It doesn’t come cheap but if you’re willing to spend your money wisely, we consider it the best deal.

Best Value Mini Circular Saw

For the sake of not repeating ourselves, we declare the Tacklife CSK77AC the best value mini circular saw. It’s not as performant as the Worx but it is suitable for many jobs out there. If you don’t plan to use a mini circular saw very often, you should choose a cheaper alternative.

Best Cheap & Small Mini Circular Saw
The Einhell easily wins the prize for the best small mini circular saw. It only weights 1.9 kgs but can still cut to a maximum depth of 23 mm. Obviously, it lacks power but for a simple wood cutting tool, it does the job just fine.


Hopefully, you found these mini circular saw reviews useful. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your specific needs. The term ‘best’ is very relative, therefore the best mini circular saw is the one that fully satisfies your specific requirements. People generally ask ‘how much should I pay for a mini circular saw?’. There’s no right or wrong answer, the price is being set by the brand name and features. However, all the products of these reviews are reasonably cheap, considering high-end, professional brands as Makita, DeWalt and others are yet to expand in this niche.

If there’s any other product that you’d like us to add to this list, please let us know in the comments below. Until then, happy cutting and stay safe!


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