Best Mitre Saw Reviews: Top 7 in the UK in 2023

Whether you’re a tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, you know a workshop is far from complete without a mitre saw. Therefore, in this article, I’ll review the best mitre saws that money can buy so you can get the best value for money.

So, what is the best mitre saw the UK market currently has to offer?

Below you will find my reviews of a wide variety of mitre saws by many of the industry leaders. All links will be clickable and linked to Amazon for you to further review. Each saw will have a short review by me detailing the major technical qualities as well as some of the pros and cons. Finally, after reviewing all units, I will pick what I feel to be the best overall value, the highest quality model and a model for those of us on a budget. So, without any further comments or any specific order, here is what I currently consider the best chop saws that you can buy online in the UK, regardless of what variation you’re after:

DeWalt DWS780 Review: best (and most expensive) DeWalt mitre saw

best sliding mitre saw uk

DeWalt has been in the game for years and consistently provides amazing quality tools from my experience for both the professional and pro-consumer alike. Unfortunately, for this quality, one will have to pay greatly but will have a product that will provide for years.

This particular saw is crème de crop per say. This is a 12’ saw that can handle up to a 16-inch baseboard. Also, it is double bevelled, which means you can make bevel cuts from either direction. I found the XPS shadow line cut indicator extremely helpful at illuminating the area and making precise cuts.

Finally, I absolutely loved the portability of the DeWalt DWS780 compared to other bulkier saws on this list. Unlike some other saws here, this can handle most types of steel with ease. Unfortunately, DeWalt only gives a 1-year warranty with this model.

As said, if you are looking for the absolute best, this traditional mitre saw is hard to beat. I must say that for about half this price, one should look into the Makita or the Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose, which performs equally as well, and the similar high torque, low RPM gearbox will give similar results.

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Makita LS0714 Review: a good sliding mitre saw

makita mitre saw review

As you will see in some of my other reviews, I will always be partial to Makita products, but I try to be as unbiased as possible.

This particular model is a great slide compound saw that does not let me down. The rails have linear ball bearings, which make for an extra smooth and precise operation. The blade is 190mm, and the powerful 10-amp motor running at 6000 RPM handles most wood thrown at it with ease.

As far as portability is concerned, all the Makita models listed here are excellent with their built-in carrying handles. Finally, I found that the built-in dust collection handled above average in an area where most mitre saws are lacking.

As far as cuts are concerned, it will bevel cut left 45 degrees and right 5 degrees with a maximum mitre range of 57-47 degrees.

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Makita LS1018L Review: best sliding mitre saw

best mitre saw uk

As the second Makita on this list, you will be getting very similar features as above, except with a laser system to align your cuts better and to help with efficiency. Unlike the saw above, this one is available in both 110v and 240v.

On top of the laser guidance system, you are also getting an electric brake to make your cuts even more precise. Much like above, the rails have linear ball bearings, which make for an extra smooth and precise operation. The blade is slightly bigger at 260mm and the powerful 10-amp motor running at 4300 RPM handles most wood thrown at it with ease.

The dust collection system was also phenomenal in this unit. If you’re not on a budget, I highly recommend this model over the last. If you’re like me, a perfectionist, the extra features built for precision will delight you.

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Dewalt DWS774-GB Slide Mitre Saw with XPS Review: good value

best dewalt sliding mitre saw uk

As the younger brother to the above top-of-the-line Dewalt, you are still getting similar build quality but with slightly lower-end features.

With this unit, you are looking at a 1400w motor running at 6300 RPM. Also, you are still getting the XPS guidance system which I really like, and it creates a no recalibration and extremely bright working area with the LED light.

As above, the base and fence have been manufactured and reinforced in a way to handle some of the most demanding applications. But I must warn the 216mm blade will not be able to handle wood as thick as its older brother, the DeWalt DWS780.

As an added bonus, the dust collection system is spectacular on both this saw and its older brother. All and all, if you are a consumer who does heavy work but hasn’t crossed the line into a professional, I think this saw will more than satisfy your needs around the house or farm for years to come.

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Makita MLS100 Review: best compound mitre saw

makita electric mitre saw uk

As our third and final Makita saw, this particular one comes in as the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t more than capable.

The 255 mm with a 30 mm bore running at 4200rpm is more than capable of handling the average consumer’s daily needs. You won’t be cutting any steel with this, but it will still be great for wood. I found the built-in electric brake worked well for creating precise cuts and the dust collection system was more than proficient.

The saw does have a maximum mitre range of 45 to 45 degrees and a maximum level range of 45 to 0 degrees.

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VonHaus Single Bevel Mitre Saw Review: best budget mitre saw under £200

vonhaus mitre saw uk
As the cheapest saw on this list, it still has great functionality. I have always found from VonHaus products that, given their inexpensive price, still deliver a decent product.

The support bars on this unit are reinforced to hold a variety of heavy materials, including steel. Except through initial testing, the saw did seem to struggle somewhat. But the 240v 210mm blade running at a speed of 5000 RPMs did successfully power through any wood I threw at it.

The cuts were still kind of rough but functional for most jobs. Furthermore, the laser guidance system is rarely seen on mitre saws on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Regardless, the laser guidance system was very helpful in being proficient with my cuts. Finally, the saw does come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty if you have any issues, which is great. All and all, if you are on a budget, this mitre saw will more than make you happy. On a side note, if you need slightly thicker cuts, you may want to look into the Makita MLS100 above for its 255mm blade.

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Evolution RAGE3-DB Review: best DIY mitre saw

best sliding mitre saw uk

As probably my favourite saw on this list, its name pretty much says it all – Evolution of the classic mitre saw. It has a revolutionary high torque low RPM motor with an intelligent design to avoid motor burnout. Furthermore, because of how the saw operates, it can cut through many more things than wood.

Unlike the DeWalt, when cutting through steel, this saw does not create any sparks or heat. In Lehman’s terms, the titanium carbide blade is chipping away at the material on a micron level rather than abrasively cutting through it. I found my cuts on wood were flawless almost every time without burrs which even the higher-end models had to some degree.

The laser guide was very useful as well. I should note that because of the saw design, the 255mm 28 teeth rage blades are not universal and will only fit this unit.

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Highest Quality Mitre Saw

The DeWalt DWS780 excels in every category. Geared towards professionals, pro consumers could also benefit from the great quality of this saw. As mentioned, DeWalt has been iconic and trusted by professionals around the world for years. The 12-inch blade and powerful high torque, low rpm gearbox were capable of cutting through huge timbers and even steel. Finally, the XPS lighting and guidance system was stellar at providing a well-lit workplace with accurate projected lines to cut perfect every time.

Best Value Mitre Saw

Even though I’m partial to Makita products, for this cumulative review, I am going to have to go with the newcomer. The Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw excels in almost every area for a price over half what the top-of-the-line Dewalt costs. Reiterating the usage of new technology and principles with a revolutionary high torque, low RPM gearbox, you will be going to this saw for all your cutting needs. Wood, steel, plastic, wood with nails, whatever it is, this saw will cut it and do a superior clean job at that.

Best Budget Mitre Saw

The VonHaus 255mm (10″) Sliding Compound Single Bevel Mitre Saw comes in as the cheapest mitre saw on this list and, by definition, wins the best budget mitre saw. With features that rival way more expensive competitors, it is a win for all parties involved. Plus, the 2-year manufacturer warranty is a clear sign that VonHaus backs its products up.

What is a Mitre Saw?

In basic, a mitre saw is a relatively portable mounted circular saw that is pulled down onto a board or whatever you are cutting in one fluid motion making a crosscut. It was originally invented by Ed Niehaus, a tool designer for Rockwell, in 1964. The original mitre saw showcased several innovations still found today: radial arc spring action, blade braking and dust collection. Newer models have taken this technology further by introducing high torque, low rpm motors with intelligent design to safeguard against motor burnout. It is perfect for making precise cuts and is used for wood. Traditionally, newer models are also able to cut through steel, plastic etc.

best mitre saw uk

Two defining characteristics of a mitre saw are the fact that the boards generally run along a fence, which provides a precise cutting angle between the plane of the blade and the plane of the longest workpiece edge. Secondly, their most useful feature is what’s called the mitre index, which allows the angle of the blade to be changed relative to the fence. Most models will have specific stops associated with common angles such as 90, 45, 22.5 etc.

One downfall that is common with this tool is dust collection. When looking to purchase a model, one could look for if the dust bag has an attachment for a large vacuum to help with the inevitable mess. Also, even though the motor technology has gotten drastically better and as with all power tools, it is important to look at what kind of warranty is offered by the manufacturer.

Types of Mitre Saws

There are four main types of mitre saws: standard mitre saws, compound mitre saws, sliding mitre saws and dual compound mitre saws.

Standard mitre saws are the most basic type of mitre saw and are ideal for general woodworking and DIY projects.

Compound mitre saws are more versatile than standard mitre saws as they can be used to make both horizontal and vertical cuts.

Sliding mitre saws are similar to compound mitre saws but have the added benefit of being able to make longer cuts.

Dual compound mitre saws are the most versatile type of mitre saw as they can be used to make both horizontal and vertical cuts, as well as making longer cuts.

Can a 10-inch blade be used on a 12-inch mitre saw?

I come across this question quite often, so I thought about adding the answer here. I know 10-inch blades are easier to come by, cheaper to purchase and cheaper to sharpen, but no, unfortunately, you can’t.

Bottom Line

I hope you’ll find these mitre saw reviews useful. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget and needs.

Have you ever owned any of these? Is there any other product you would recommend as part of our list?


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