Plunge Saw Reviews: 7 Best Plunge Saws

What’s the best plunge saw for me?

So, I was planning a Rustic inspired kitchen renovation in my home and needed a good plunge cut circular saw for the job. With so many great legacy companies out there and many agile yet robust newcomer companies thrown into the mix, I was in a whirlwind of thought into which saw is best for this job. So I did what I do best and started researching. I’m sure these plunge saw reviews would be of assistance to both beginners and professionals alike!

Best Plunge Saw Reviews

Makita Plunge Saw Review: Complete with Connector Case/ Hex Wrench

 makita plunge saw

I’ll start this off by saying that I am a person partial to Makita products as I have faithfully used them for years.

Trying not to be biased, this saw does excel in almost all areas and also is also very attractively priced. The only downfall – it doesn’t come with a guide rail, which will set you back an additional £60, approximately. With the saws 1300 Watt motor, I found it easily pushed through any type of wood I threw at it, and the cuts were extremely clean.

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Festool TS 55 R FS Track Saw Review (guide rail included)


festool plunge saw

First off, this Festool track saw is attractive from a visual level. Then again, it seems most of the Festool tools are meant to look great together. This doesn’t necessarily make cutting wood easier, but it surely makes you look good while doing it.

With that said, this is an amazing saw with great ergonomics. It just feels good in the hand. With the slightly higher price point, I was expecting a little more power, but I was surprised to see the 1200-watt motor handled pretty much everything and was more than ample.

Also, did I mention it looks great? Reading over reviews online, it seems everyone is raving about this plunge saw.

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VonHaus 1050W Review: best cheap plunge saw

vonhaus plunge saw review

As the cheapest saw in this list, this is optimal for those on a very tight budget.

To get right to the point, if the funds are available, I would highly recommend spending just a little bit more on the Triton Saw if you are looking for a budget. For its price, it will work for small jobs, but I consistently found the cuts to be less than desirable, with ample evidence of wood splintering. On softer wood, this saw excelled but fell short on the thick countertops. This was partly because of its limited plunge depth of only 28mm at 90 degrees. As an added bonus, though, this saw does come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty which is pretty unheard of on cheaper products.

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DeWalt DWS520KR Review: best track saw if money were no object

dewalt plunge saw

Being one of the most expensive saws on this list, I was looking for superior build and quality. As expected, DeWalt definitely delivered and went above and beyond in all areas.

Of all the saws tested, the plunge cuts were the cleanest. As mentioned before, the Festool comes very close in cut precision, but this saw takes that level of precision to the next level.

Also, I was very happy to see it come with two guide rails, a connecter bar, and a bag. Plus, the plunge depth is an impressive 55mm.

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Bosch Professional GKT 55 Review


bosch track saw review

As a mid-priced saw, the Bosch name is well known in the woodworking and construction industry.

This particular saw comes with ample power with its 1400-watt motor. I was able to plough through any type of wood that I threw at it. Keep in mind you will still need to buy a guide rail, but you are in luck as this unit works with both a Festool and Maxell.

Much like all Bosch products, the build quality and engineering were perfect. On the list below is a Scheppach Saw, which is very similar in price that is definitely worth checking out as well.

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Triton TTS1400 Track Saw Review: best budget plunge saw

triton track saw review

As the second cheapest saw on this list, I was really pleased with the quality of the build as well as its cutting power.

I really enjoyed the soft grip handles for comfort and control. Also, the Universal vacuum system adapter with 360 rotation was a nice added feature. I had a bag lying around and was easily able to attach it to this. On a final note, for its price, the Tritons motor was 1400 watts of raw power, which is normally only reserved for models that are a couple of hundred pounds more.

Also, the saw was a pleasure to handle with its soft-grip handles.

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Scheppach PL55 Review

scheppach plunge saw review

The Scheppach is comparable to the Bosch in terms of the price point, but you get a little more for your money if you are not concerned with names.

The power is slightly less than the Bosch at 1200 watts, but it still performs well. Included in this price, you are getting not one but two 1.4m Guide Tracks as well as clamps, a joining piece, and a limit Stop. Also included is a spare 48z Blade.

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Best Quality Track Saw

If money is no object to you, or you simply demand the best plunge/track saw that will consistently perform for you, then you need not look any further. Through my tests and the ample user reviews online, it is clear that the Dewalt Plunge Saw excelled in every and all the criteria. The Festool TS55 is a really, really good runner-up.

Best Value Plunge Saw

For this category, I looked for a saw that had a good quality build as well as a price that wouldn’t break the bank. Even though I stated from the beginning that I was partial and personally owned multiple Makita products, but being unbiased, it is still clear that the Makita plunge saw is a perfect combination of the aforementioned criteria. Keep in mind, though, that the saw does not come with a guide rail, and you will have to buy this separately. Even given that, the price is still considerably lower than the most expensive saws. A very close and also great choice would be the Scheppach plunge saw.

Best Budget Plunge Saw

Money is tight, and you have a really small job that doesn’t require super deep or perfect cuts? Then the VonHouse multi-purpose track saw might just be perfect for you. Given the price, it performed very well. As mentioned, just don’t expect the cleanest cuts on an aesthetic level; it’s a circular saw, after all. For a better experience, you could just as well look into the Triton for not a massive difference in terms of price.

What is a Plunge Saw?

So to start, what exactly is a plunge saw and why is it so important for my kitchen renovation? Furthermore, why is a plunge cut saw different from a regular circular saw? These are all questions that will be answered momentarily.

plunge saw reviews uk

As mentioned before, I’m going for a bohemian rustic-inspired kitchen. This will involve thick wood countertops that I will need to precisely cut out insets for the modern sinks I intend to install.  I have this idea in my mind of contrasting the rustic natural curves with more modern sharp lines and stainless steel facades. Contrasting textures and patterns will add an almost ethereal feel to the space. Anyway, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and make this a reality!

A plunge cut involves any cut that is in the interior of a piece of wood. Think of a square cut out of a rectangle. These drills have a specific job of being precise and clean with the cuts as oftentimes, tight and specific parameters are needed for whatever may be installed into the hole. This is something that a regular circular saw simply can’t do efficiently. So we need to add some kind of guide rail for the saw to run along precisely. This ensures stability and precision.

Most of the plunge cut circular saws we are gonna test will come with a guide rail. This is where the alternative term ‘track saw’ comes from, as the saw runs along a track. You will see both plunge saw and track saw used interchangeably in reviews. It’s just different woodworking jargon per se.

What should I look for in a plunge saw?

When choosing a plunge saw, there are several factors to consider.

The first is the depth of cut. This is determined by the size of the blade and the depth of the throat plate. For most applications, a depth of 2-3 inches will be sufficient. However, for more intricate work, a saw with a deeper throat plate may be necessary.

The second factor to consider is the size of the motor. A larger motor will be able to handle more strenuous cutting tasks. However, it is also important to consider the weight of the saw. A heavier saw can be more difficult to manoeuvre, making it more difficult to make accurate cuts.

The third factor to consider is the type of blade. There are two main types of blades: carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped. Carbide-tipped blades are more durable and can withstand more wear and tear. Diamond-tipped blades, on the other hand, are designed for more delicate work and can provide a cleaner cut.

Which plunge saw should you buy?

Whatever words are being used, it is all about results now, isn’t it? So with that said, below you will find seven short plunge saw reviews highlighting the key points as well as price comparison. Working through all these saws and trying them out for the same job but different cuts in my rustic kitchen build, I’m taking a systematic approach to review these saws.

Hopefully, by the end, we will have a clear-cut winner, the pinnacle per se of plunge saws.  Inversely, I also want to identify a saw for the average man. One that is a perfect balance of price point and functionality. All saws below will be directly linked to Amazon for your convenience. So go through each review carefully and try to decide whether any of these products would satisfy your specific needs.

Bottom Line

There are quite a few benefits of using a track saw. Hopefully, these reviews were able to help you choose the best plunge saw for you. All brands above make amazing products in their own right, but really, most purchases boil down to your specific needs, budget, and brand loyalty. In that same aspect, sometimes it is good to switch it up as, after all, isn’t variety the spice of life?

Stay safe and happy cutting, guys!


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  1. I’ve had the dewalt plunge saw for around 8years now abuse the living life out of it but still going was starting to look a bit old and shabby so I decided to buy a new one after looking at all the reviews I decided on the Makita plunge saw. Wish now I just bought a new DeWalt one basically drop kicked it to the back of my van and gone back to my old dewalt saw.think I will buy a new one soon.


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