6 Best Router Tables

The best router table doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or feature-packed, but it has to fit your needs. You don’t have to break the bank to get a top router table because you can find plenty of quality items at an affordable cost. However, it’s essential to know where to look and to understand which quality features to take into account.

That’s why the article below will help. You will find only functional and sturdy router tables across all price ranges. We discussed all their features in terms of how useful they will be for you so that you can discern between marketing bling and functionality.

Best Router Table Reviews

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at six of the most-popular products the UK market currently has to offer:

Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table: good value

good value router table The Craft Pro Router Table MK3 is a great value router table because it’s well built and has a lot of features, even though it’s fairly affordable. You can use it for semi-serious applications, such as joinery, shaping, moulding, and even furniture. Therefore, the Pro Router MK3 is quite a versatile table.

Let’s start with the build quality. You can notice top materials, such as an aluminium plate, which is sturdy and thick. Besides, the plate allows good levelling and has a spelch-block facility. 

The quick raiser has quick-release fixing holes so that you can adjust the height of your work better. You can fit this part to your table easily whenever you need it.

The 57 mm dust spout opening is another good feature because it’s made from aluminium and allows you to get rid of dust easily. Besides, you can adjust the MDF cheeks quickly and the edge planing facility is very useful to trim those edges.

The MK3 allows you to make other adjustments so that you can work easily and avoid back pain. For instance, you can adjust the table’s feet as well as the side finger pressure. 

Keep in mind that, however, feature-packed this router table is, it’s still a budget purchase. As such, the centre plate is not incredible, the plastic plate that holds the router has a slight drop, and it has no dust spout. Besides, a few customers mentioned it takes a couple of hours to set it up.


  • Affordable
  • Well-built
  • You can use it for various applications
  • It uses sturdy materials
  • It’s good for levelling and planing edges
  • It blocks spelch
  • Offers multiple adjustments


  • A slight drop to the plate
  • No dust spout
  • Lengthy setup

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BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Review: best professional benchtop router table

best professional benchtop router tableThe Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is the best professional router table because it’s packed with useful features, it’s easy to use, and attaches to most workbenches. As such, your work will be much easier if you get this router table:

The aluminium top is large, meaning you’ll have a spacious work area so that you can be more precise. Another advantage is that aluminium is a strong, durable material.

The adjustable featherboards are easy to attach to the fence. These will protect you against kickback, plus they’ll help keep your workpiece more stable.

The standard dust port is also easy to use because you can attach any standard vacuum hose to it. That’s how you can keep your work area dust-free.

The extra-tall aluminium fence with MDF faceplates is another useful feature because, together with the featherboards, they help you make precise cuts.

The accessory slot is what makes the Bosch RA1181 even more versatile because you can add all sorts of optional accessories. For instance, you can add a mitre gauge to keep your workpiece at an angle while you’re cutting.

The aluminium mounting plate is rigid and strong. Besides, it has predrilled holes so it’s compatible with different routers

You also get an included starter pin and guard. These essential parts will help you do more tasks, such as routing round workpieces. Most benchtop router tables don’t include these extras.


  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Feature-packed
  • It helps keep your workpieces stable and improves your precision
  • Offers space for optional accessories
  • You can use it with different router sizes
  • Good for curved pieces


  • The switch only supports 110V

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Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table: best budget router table

best budget router tableThe Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table is the best budget option because it’s useful even though it’s inexpensive. 

The first thing you’ll notice is its easy setup. Just look at the assembled pieces to see how the parts fit together.

After that, the table is easy enough to use even though some reviewers argue the contrary. If you experience difficulties, the best thing you can do is put the router under the table. If you rotate it, you can get better access to the power button. You can also use a cable tie for ease of use, as well as an inexpensive car jack to lift the router. Usually, these car jacks are very low cost, although you need some more DIY.

That said, Charnwood W012 is a strong router table with very stable feet. That means you don’t have to be gentle on it, and you can occasionally use it without clamps.

Another advantage is that you get various adjustability options for the parts. So even if your workpiece doesn’t fit initially, you can find a way to adjust the table so you can do your work.

However, you may find that the insert plate for hanging your router may not fit perfectly so that you end up with an unleveled routed grove. Add some metal strips to solve this problem.

Another issue is that the two sides of the fence aren’t equal. That means your workpiece can get stuck on the receiving part so that you get an uneven groove again. You can solve this by bringing the two sides together so that you can handle the workpiece before placing it into the route part.

Although this router table takes a bit of DIY and ingenuity, remember it’s a sturdy table for 1/4 inch routers. It also has useful features, such as its wide enough working surface and the fence with three clamps for securing your work. You will also get Perspex guards to protect your face from any chips, plus a dust collection port.  


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy setup
  • Compact
  • Good for edge moulding, trenching, and tenoning
  • Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Adjustable


  • You may need some extra DIY and planning to use this table

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Trend WRT Workshop Router Table 240 Volt: another value router table

best value router table If you already have a Trend 1/4” or 1/2” router, you should get the Trend WRT Workshop Table because they fit well together. However, you can also use this table with different routers.

With that in mind, the Trend WRT Table might be the best value router table because it’s very easy to use, versatile and highly adjustable.

As such, you will like the two “T” slot extrusions because you can adjust them easily. You can also take out the fence for different tasks so that you can juggle between grooving, jointing, making round pieces, or moulding.

However, some reviewers complain about the two sides of the fence not being equal after setting up the table. If you notice this too, consider adding a shim to the fence.

Besides, remember you can only adjust the rear fence to approximately 80 mm, although a distance of 150 mm would have been better.

That said, the laminated table and two fence cheeks assist a smooth workflow. You will also like the micro-adjustable height setting that you can do through the insert plate. This option is nice if you want to align jointing cutters.

Another useful design feature is this table’s tubular open-framed leg build. That way, you can reach the router easily to make changes on the go. You will also appreciate the adjustable feet because that way this Trend WRT benchtop can remain stable on uneven areas too. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to make changes on the go
  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • Allows versatile tasks
  • Micro-adjustable settings from above
  • Allows good control for cutting
  • Safe front-mounted switch
  • Includes guards, featherboards, and a push stick


  • Uneven sides of the fence; you may need to install a shim
  • The rear fence only adjust to about 8 cm

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Rutlands Router Table with in-Built Variable Speed Router Motor: best powered router table

best powered router tableThe Rutlands Router Table is the best electric router table you can find at an affordable price because it’s packed with features and it offers you a high torque thanks to its variable speed motor. Besides, you can keep the speed level to make sure your workpiece gets a precise finish even for angle cuts.

Another advantage of getting this powered router table is that you can use it with various materials. The powerful 1500 W motor and speed up to 27,000 rpm allow you to cut through softwood, as well as hardwood and even composite.

The motor isn’t the only powerful piece. The tabletop itself is sturdy because it’s made from steel. You will also get a wide enough work area considering this table is 600 x 460 mm.

This router table allows you to stay in control of your work and make precise cuts. For instance, you can adjust the router bit height so that you can work smoothly. Besides, the three included featherboards keep your workpiece more stable so you can make better cuts.

But why consider a power router table in the first place? The main advantage is you won’t have to fix your router to the table. Besides, this particular model is versatile so that you can either attach it to your workbench or place it on its own stand.


  • Powerful variable motor
  • Adjustable speed
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Good for angle cuts
  • Good for precision cuts
  • Quiet


  • Not best for big-sized jobs
  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Stiff wheel

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Kreg Table: best portable router table

best portable router tableThe Kreg Router Table is another value for the money item, but its unique selling proposition is that it’s portable. As such, you can easily transport it from one location to the other depending on your project.

Apart from its portability, the Kreg Router Table has other useful features. For instance, the anodized-aluminium fence is sturdy and allows you very precise cuts. That’s because it boasts independent sliding faces so that you can get better measurements and, therefore, cleaner cuts.

You will also like the steel stand because it’s very rugged and stable. That means you can lean quite a bit into this table without being afraid it will collapse under you. Besides, the rubber feet absorb shocks and dampen vibrations so that the Kreg Router Table is also very quiet.

This compact table offers you an edge-banded top with MDF reinforcement so that you get a compact and safe workspace. One of its best features might be the micro-dot skin because you can slide it easily and because it resists to impacts well.

Besides, this table offers you very accurate insert plate levellers. Thanks to their innovative bottom-up insert design, these levellers allow increased precision when you’re doing your levelling work. 

You can also use this router table with different sized routers. The three included Level-Loc Rings are easy to secure so that you can choose the right one for your project.

Lastly, the Kreg Router Table allows you to keep your workspace very clean because the vacuum port is easy to use to eliminate dust.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Good for clean cuts and precise levelling
  • Stable
  • Quiet
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used for different-sized routers


  • Some people complain they received incomplete packages, with missing bolts and screws

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Wrap Up

You’ve read about six best router tables on the market, but remember it’s important to choose the right one for your skill level and needs. Check to make sure your router table can assist you with all the projects you have in mind. Also, take into account whether it needs additional DIY improvements or not, especially if you’re not best at these types of things.

That said: 

  • Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro is the most affordable and feature-packed router table you can get whether you’re a newbie or an advanced craftsman.
  • BOSCH Benchtop RA1181 is the best professional router table with all the bells and whistles, but it’s more expensive. 
  • Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table is the best budget option, but you need to make some DIY improvements.
  • Trend WRT 240 Volt is the best-value router table.
  • Rutlands is the best powered router table.
  • Kreg Router Table is your best choice if you need a portable router table.



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